Logging into AdWords directs you to AdWords Express

You may have setup a standard AdWords account and wonder why Google always directs you to an AdWords Express prompt each time you access your account. The prompt says “We found these businesses associated with your account. Please confirm to get started.” and lists any businesses or google+ pages you have within your account.

The reason for this is because there is no reason.

The only known solution to access your standards AdWords account is to click in the upper right corner on the 3 vertical dots, which will allow you view your account.

Unable to multi-select photos on icloud.com

Apple recently made changes to managing photos on icloud.com. Before, you were able to multi-select albums / specific dates and download in bulk. It wasn’t a perfect solution, but it was better than selecting each photo individually. Now Apple has made it where you must select each photo individually. I would think multi-select would be feature #1 for dealing with large quantities of photos.

The solution is to download the icloud desktop version for mac/pc


Google AdWords Search Term Report “There was an error with your operation..” Error

As of early January 2017, it seems that Google AdWords is experiencing an error with its search term report.

“There was an error with your operation. If you were trying to make a change, it may not have saved. Please refresh this page to try again. If the error continues, log out of your AdWords account, then log in again and return to this page.”

The solution that I found was to remove “All Conv” conversion columns and use “Conversions” instead. Hopefully this will be fixed soon!

Google AdWords “Quality Score Update” Lowered Quality Scores

Google announced a quality score update today.

“Starting today, we will be updating how we report 1-10 Quality Scores for keywords [https://goo.gl/c4Oi7]. This update only affects reporting. There is no change to ad serving such as how auction-time quality signals affect Ad Rank and CPC. The most significant part of the change is that keywords without traffic will now, by default, receive a score of 6, and Average for the three components of Quality Score. Once keywords gather enough impressions, scores will update about a day or so later.

Behind the scenes, this change will allow us to simplify some of our core systems, letting us focus our attention on improving reporting accuracy for keywords with traffic.”

This account’s average quality score dropped to it’s lowest level, dropping from 8.2 to 7.1 overnight. Most of the keywords ranging from 8-10 took moderate hits down to 6-8. Another account’s average dropped from 9 to 8.2.

Here are some of the biggest swings

google adwords quality scores

Some of your keywords may have been filtered by your settings

Over the last few months you may have encountered a warning on Google’s Keyword Planner tool.

“Some of your keywords may have been filtered by your settings.”

google adwords keyword planner

I adjusted the “Keyword Options” filter on the left until the error resolved.

Show keywords in my account, ON
Show keywords in my plan, ON
Show adult ideas, ON

keyword planner filters

These keywords aren’t located in my account, they weren’t added to a plan, and they’re not adult related. I’m not sure why these settings matter in this case.

google keyword planner results

It appears it’s just filtering results with 0 searches. I tested a few other keyword variations that had the same result.